Out of Focus - the diary of a student radiographer.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Today ends better than it started

Good news - Tasha is using the litter tray less now she's had the anti-inflammatory injection at the vet's and I just checked my uni e-mail and they've found my pen drive! Whew!

Aaagh, it's the thirteenth!

I'm really surprised its not Friday the 13th as everything seems to be going wrong today. OK, nothing that's happened is particularly bad in the scheme of things, but it's enough to get me feeling *very* tense.

Today is a study day and I had every intention of devoting the whole day to studying. So far, I have managed to do very little, so it's lucky I'm ahead of schedule for completing my essays.

Firstly, one of our cats, the very large, fluffy and gorgeous Tasha, has been in and out of the litter tray approximately once every half an hour today, trying to wee. She's had this problem before and it was cystitis then, so I'm not unduly worried but it does mean I have to take her to the vet later and meantime, I'm sweeping up litter from the floor approximately once every half an hour.

I also discovered my pen drive that I use to write my essays on has disappeared and I suspect I left it in the back of the computer I was using at the uni library yesterday. I phoned the library and it hasn't been found. Again, not a major disaster as I backed everything up to the uni's server yesterday but it means I don't have access to the lastest version of my essays until I go back there. But I'm also worried about it being nicked and someone having access to all my work, which makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason.

And, just to be a pain, our other cat Dizzy nearly knocked over our water mister thingy whilst she was trying to drink out of it, so I had a load of water to mop up whilst trying to resist throttling Dizzy.

'Scuse me, I have more cat litter to go and sweep up...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

*Coff, coff*

Oh dear, another long blogging gap. Well, you'll have to blame my uni who, most inconsiderately, have given me all sorts of essays to write. Have I mentioned I hate writing essays?

Anyway, I feel so sorry for anyone living closer to Hemel Hempstead than we are, which is about 50 miles away. Adam & I just drove home from my parents' house (only 20 minutes drive away) with the windows closed as outside is a bit parky and smells like a bonfire, and we both now have swimmy heads and feel a bit sick due to the smoke in the air.