Out of Focus - the diary of a student radiographer.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

New shiny!

It's our wedding anniversary today and the very lovely Adam has bought me a new toy! It rocks!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's not easy, being green.

I hate it when it's time for the car's yearly service, it never goes as smoothly as it should. I just want to drop it off at the garage in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon, all nice and fixed. I haven't got the time to faff around getting the little bits sorted.

This year's "little bit" number one is a couple of bits of plastic trim - one long one across the driver's door that somehow got itself bent at the end and hooked under the little indicator light on the wing, thus pulling the little bit of trim around the indicator light off. Unfortunately both bits of trim are metallic green like the rest of the car, instead of nice, sensible black. Of course they don't get supplied green, they are supplied black, so someone has to spray them.

The garage don't do spraying, though they did order the trim for me. I have a feeling this wasn't the cheapest way of getting them but, like I said, I have enough to do without trying to find out where I can get cheap plastic trim from, and anyway Adam's paying for it. So now I have to find someone to get them sprayed and the garage reckoned it would cost about £60 or so. Eeek.

I came home with he new bits of trim, black, and I noticed that the door trim has a little inset bit with "Saxo" written on it (in case I forget what sort of car it is presumably) and the new trim has a empty space for this bit, but no new bit. I hope the old bit can be prised off the old trim, but knowing my luck it won't be. Also I seem to have been sold a part I didn't need, namely the indicator itself, but I'm being a bit rubbish at the moment and didn't notice at the time. Never mind, maybe I can get rid of it on eBay.

This year's "little bit" number two is the spare wheel. Just like on the previous Saxo I had, the spare wheel has gone walkies. It lives in a cage slung under the boot and they have a tendancy to get nicked apparently. They make locking thingies for the cages now, but they cost around £100. I guess I ought to see if I can get that cheaper as it's going to cost a large part of that for a new wheel and tyre, which I'm picking up from the garage tomorrow.

Just to add to my fun today, the courtesy car played up. I adjusted the tilt of the seat back and it wouldn't lock back into place, so I had to drive around all day with no back support. My back really aches now and for some reason I feel a bit queasy too. And when I got back to the garage, just as I was getting out of the car, the back locked into place. Grrrrrr.

You know, I even managed to do a bit of studying today too. Roll on next year.

Friday, June 03, 2005


At the moment, 2 out of 3 of the modules I'm studying are in IPL (Interprofessional Learning) groups - which means groups made out of a few of the radiography students, a few nursing students and a few occupational therapy students. Personally, I'm not much enamoured with the IPL modules as they seem far less relevant to us rad students than anyone else. Yesterday we had a lecture on record keeping - barely relevant as the only record keeping radiographers do is on the computer - filling in what exposures levels we used, and marking the examinations as completed. We don't write reams about patient observations that the other professions do. Today we had a totally mind-numbing lecture on Attribution Theory and Health Locus of Control - all of which to my mind just meant that some things are the fault of the patient and some aren't. Zzzzzz.

All of this confirms I was right to go into radiography, and not nursing which was my original plan way back when. I'm a scientist at heart and I can't deal with all this psychobabble. A lot of the nurses were complaining they were having trouble with essay one - "A report on the process and outcomes of a search for information on a topic of professional practice", whereas they were having much less trouble with essay two, which is all about psychobabble, sorry, psychosocial stuff. I, in contrast, found essay one fairly easy - well it was a lot of work but I understood what was needed.

I still don't have much of a clue what I'm supposed to do for essay two - for example, 1000 words of this essay have to be about one aspect of the dynamics of my IPL group. Well, everyone was friendly, we all got on well, there were no conflicts and everyone did their bit. So once I have written that everyone was friendly, we all got on well, there were no conflicts and everyone did their bit - where are the other 983 words going to come from?