Out of Focus - the diary of a student radiographer.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Adam and I pootled up the M1 yesterday in order to have a fabby time at the Halloween Cache Bash. You can read accounts of the evening here - written by people far more eloqant than I. We didn't take our camera but luckily plenty of others did - clicky for piccies of mine and Adam's costumes. Looking forward to next year's already!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Some ways to be an ostrich

Gosh, has it really been that long since I last did a proper blog entry? Oh well, I'm here now.

I'm on placement again, trying to complete 20 unaided x-rays and 6 assessed x-rays, and trying not to worry about the 6 essays, with a combined word count of 9500, that I have to hand in just after the new year.

The sys admin at the hospital is such an ostrich. He thinks he knows more than anyone else about computers and thinks he know more about radiography than he does. He announced today, in a loud voice so everyone could hear, that he doesn't use broadband because you get more viruses than using dial-up. Good job I wasn't drinking anything at the time.

He also thinks he is more important than he really is. He told us that he has been given express permission to report back to the placement supervisor if he sees us sitting down when we should be w**king. His preferred method of preventing us sitting down seems to be by occupying the chairs as much as possible himself.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lisa needs...

From Miss Sixty's blog: Go to Google and type in “(your name) needs”. Choose 5 (or more) “needs” at random.

The first 5 I got were:

Lisa needs a tree.
Lisa needs braces.
Lisa needs a bigger grin and lots more warmth from an overly conscientious Julia Roberts.
Lisa needs to handler (sic) lower conditions.
LISA needs to more clearly communicate to clients how they can benefit from LISA membership.

I don't think I need any of those.