Out of Focus - the diary of a student radiographer.

Friday, April 22, 2005


Adam had this equal opportunities survey e-mailed to him by his employers. After all the usual questions about things like age, gender and religion there was one on sexual orientation. The options were:
  • heterosexual

  • gay/lesbian

  • bisexual

  • and

  • other.

They also provided a space to fill in if you selected 'other'. The mind boggles as to what 'others' they were expecting - bestiality perhaps?

Thursday, April 21, 2005

What a load of old...

Having a great time on placement, and I've managed not to kill anyone yet. That may be because they haven't let me press the buttons so far. The drive there is as nasty as was feared - taking between ¾ hour and an hour each way for a 20 mile journey, which is a pretty poor average speed really.

Most of what I have seen this week have been chest x-rays - but the highlight of the week so far was when I was asked to chaperone a male sonographer doing testicular ultrasound scans. The poor sods being scanned were *so* embarrassed - which I have to admit I found rather amusing.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

End of term report

Well, not the actual end of term, it's the end of my first 5 week Uni block. I'm afraid I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front the last few weeks due to the Black Dog having come to visit - luckily, I'm managing to get it to sit quietly in the corner at the moment. I think it heard that I was thinking a bit too hard about all the work I'm going to have to do to pass this course.

Anyway, not much of interest has happened at Uni meantime. Well, I found it interesting but I didn't want to bore anyone with discussions on the anatomy of the ankle, or the physics of x-ray production or suchlike. I've also had a lot of helpful lectures and seminars on study skills (boy, do I need them) and some frankly rather dull stuff under the heading: Psychosocial Aspects of Health, Human Interaction and Communication.

The end of 5 weeks of study means the start of placement - yay! I've been looking forward to going on placement and actually getting to zap someone. I'm not going to say here which hospital I'm going to be at, but the town it's in has at least one disgusted resident. To be on the safe side I'd advise you to stay away from Kent if you are planning to break your wrist or ankle in the next 5 weeks.